Welcome to the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation’s new resource section.  We have created this section to share articles and resources that may be of interest to our colleagues at nonprofit organizations.  We are starting with two topics in which the Fry Foundation has been deeply engaged:  

Diversity and Inclusiveness:
The Fry Foundation has been a long-standing member of the Donors Forum’s Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee.  Unmi Song, Fry Foundation President, has served as chair of the committee.  Graham C. Grady, Fry Foundation trustee, founded the Donors Forum’s Trustee Subcommittee which seeks to engage foundation trustees in promoting diversity and inclusiveness.  The Fry Foundation also organized Chicago’s first reception for trustees of color in the Chicago area.  This reception, now co-hosted by the Donors Forum, has become an annual event.  

The Fry Foundation was an early supporter during the formation of the D5 Coalition, a national coalition of foundations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy.The Fry Foundation also has been active in seeking out vendors and financial managers which have diversity represented in their senior management and ownership.

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Real Costs: Addressing the Overhead funding challenge
For over a decade, the Fry Foundation has sought actively to support essential administrative and overhead costs in the programs that we fund.  We have been engaged in efforts to expand discussions about the need for funding that cover the full costs of running high quality, effective programming.  

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We welcome your comments on these topics as well as your suggestions for additional resources to include.

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