Before You Apply

How often may I apply for a grant?

Grantees are eligible to receive one grant per 12 months, and grantees who have received five consecutive years of funding must take one year off before reapplying.

Applicants whose requests have been declined are welcome to reapply at any time, though we encourage unsuccessful applicants to have a conversation with Foundation program staff before reapplying.

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Does the Fry Foundation provide multi-year funding?

Yes. The Foundation awards two-year grants to projects that have a strong track record of success

Applicants submitting proposals for two years of funding should include both years in their budgets and any applicable timelines. For multi-year grants, annual payments are contingent upon approval of interim narrative and financial reports.

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I submitted a proposal/LOI. When do I find out if my proposal was approved?

We ask that applicants allow 30 days for our staff to review and respond to your letter of inquiry.

For applicants submitting full proposals, our staff will contact you immediately to acknowledge receipt and within three weeks of the proposal deadline to discuss the review. If your proposal is considered at the quarterly board meeting, we will contact you within two weeks with the outcome.

If you do not receive a response or acknowledgement within this timeframe, please contact the Foundation. We may not have received your letter of inquiry or proposal.

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Do I have to submit a letter of inquiry before sending in a full proposal?

No. However, we strongly recommend doing so, particularly for organizations that have not previously received Fry Foundation funding or for organizations that are applying with new projects. Your letter of inquiry will allow our staff to give you feedback on your project’s fit within the Foundation’s funding priorities and comments on what we would look for in a strong proposal.

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Does the Foundation fund organizations outside the city of Chicago?

Generally, no. The Fry Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that serve residents of Chicago. See our geographic guidelines here.

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Does the Foundation give grants to individuals?

No. The Fry Foundation supports organizations that have 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.

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I have an idea for a new organization. Will the Foundation grant me start-up funds?

The Foundation looks for programs with a track record of success. We do not provide funding for capital projects or general operating support for new grantees. We rarely provide start-up funds. When we do, we look for staff experience and other program capacity that would contribute to the likelihood of success.

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